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fun things you can do with crayons.

September 10, 2008

there are so many things one can do with crayons. Homer Simpson has shown us they can be stuck up the nose and removed later for increased brain power. Little Ralph Wiggum ate them. I have melted them down and made casts of my fingers to be looked at and then crushed a short while later. Here are some other ideas:

Shoot Them

Shoot Them

these are pencils, actually

these are pencils, actually

Sculpt Them


it’s all fun and games

September 3, 2008

until someone loses an eye. then it’s just a game called ‘lets find the eye’.

I love lamp

September 3, 2008

Hey Pom Pom,

Check this ridiculous lamp.

but wait, it gets way better: each one is different according to your folding desires.





PS- the shelves came today!


Hey Owl,

I love lamp.

lets see those shelves and their contents!



Let you entertain me

September 2, 2008

I could watch Brock for hours. Lies…I have been watching him for hours. Now it’s your turn to waste some of your precious time on the not so dead art of funny voice imitations. My favorite is a toss up between his Roger Smith and Bobcat Goldthwaite.

Post the rest of those pictures, yo